Present Simple or Continuous?

Are you sure when you choose one of these tenses? Well, if you have problems to see the difference, watch this amusing presentation.

Do you like it? If you want a complete explanation about Present Simple and Present Continuous, you can click on the following video …

Now, you are ready to practise in class …

St Valentine’s Cards

We have made some activities  for St Valentine’s Day:  We have been learning about the history of this festivity, practising useful expressions related to this topic, singing love songs and writing friendship and love cards. We have really enjoyed this day.

And if you want to know the history of St Valentine, watch this video


Ashley, Our Language Assistant

We are really glad because we have had classes with our language assistant,Ashley,  since the beginning of January and we are looking forward to  learning a lot from  such an amazing teacher. Her teaching lessons are dynamic and fun because she presents different topics using games, images, her personal life…

She is from California (quite far away) and we hope she has a nice stay with us.

We are very lucky.

Thanks, Ashley!