Halloween 2022

Esmeralda’s Haunted House

“Once upon a time, in the small village of Guajaneco, a beautiful woman, Esmeralda Bolívar, lived with her beloved twins, Gabriela y Graciela. But the happiness turned into tragedy when the twins disappeared one day and they never were seen again. Esmeralda was absolutely in despair, she looked for them everywhere, but nobody found them. Time went by and poor Esmeralda went mad… she spent the days crying and when someone from the village suggested the twins could have been kidnapped and killed, she swore to end the murderer’s life (with a knife) if she became to discover him. Unfortunately, full of sadness, Esmeralda died with no revenge. However, there is a legend which says that Esmeralda could revive if the kidnapper of the twins dares to approach her grave…”

1 ESO students have visited some of the most unknown places in our high school in a Ghost Walk. These places have been decorated like a Haunted House to tell them the sad story of “Esmeralda and her twin daughters” . Students have enjoyed a lot during this activity and have learned about different cultures in this story which mixes the anglosaxon festivity of Halloween with the hispanic customs of celebrating “el día de todos los Santos”.

This is the first one of a group of sociocultural activities that we are going to organize to learn about the features of American places which integrate American and Hispanic cultures, a perfect example of bilinguism : California and Baja California.

We want to thank the 1st and 2nd IB students and the teachers Belén Martínez, Antonia Torres, Raquel Yebra, Maoles Gámez ,Leticia Alonso and our language assistant, Jazmin Roblés for their enthusiasm and excellent performance.