Historical Heritage Gymkhana


On 15th February, we could see about 90 students running upwards and downwards our stairs tracking for clues.

What was it going on? Yes, you got it.

They were participating in our Historical Heritage Tour. This was a gymkhana organized by the Bilingual programme to make our students learn about  places, curiosities and facts at Celia Viñas High School.


2 ESO students, divided in groups of 6, rushed and sprinted for 3 hours to be the first participants to answer all the questions on time. They went through corridors,the well courtyard,the library, the assembly hall, the laboratories,the chapel,etc like characters in Hogwarts to reach the precious treasures.


A historical tour to know about the amazing place where we learn, work and live everyday. All the teachers in the bilingual programme participated and we also had the great help of Ana Ortiz Torres and other students  who are doing their teaching internships in our school.

Thanks to all of them and the 2 ESO students who took part in this activity!!!

Ps.- A final task for our gymkhana: our poster is a version of a very famous poster which illustrated a record and a film of the most important British Band. Who are they? Which is the title of this record?.

Christmas Cards Exhibition

As every year, students of 1st and 2nd o f ESO participated in our traditional Christmas cards exhibition. Most of them worked really hard and made beautiful cards!!

A quick view of the works done in art classes in the first term

The first term is over and the second term is about to begin!

Our students worked a lot in art classes, and here is a small example of some of the best drawings they did. You can find them on the board of the drawing class, just at the right of the door. These drawings will be replaced by new ones that the students make.


Halloween 2018

We welcomed this course with a Halloween party last Wednesday, 31st October.We started the previous week telling our students about the history of Halloween, auditions of famous Halloween songs in the class of Music and the historical relevance of this event  in most of English-speaking countries. Then, we watched a famous horror comedy film (“Beetlejuice” by Tim Burton) and we listened to some  songs sung by our language assistant Clark Williams.

At midday, we had a spooky breakfast. As you can see in the photographs, our students made delicious and surprising Halloween cakes.


We also had a Halloween contest and a ghost walk through  a haunted corridor in the unknown parts of our building.

We really had a great time!

This is the sequence of activities that we did with 1º and 2º ESO students during that scary day.

Halloween Activities



8:15-10:15 In their classroom
10:15-11:15 Ghost walk and Quiz (Aula de Idiomas) Film: Beetlejuice (Salón de Actos)
11:15-11:45 Breaktime
11:45-12:15 Spooky Breakfast (Aula 3)
12:15-13:15 Ghost walk(Aula de Idiomas) Film “Beetlejuice”and Performance(Salón de Actos)
13:15-14:45 Music Auditions Prizes

Performance and

Film   “Beetlejuice”(Salón de Actos)

Ghost walk(Aula de Idiomas)

An amazing Saint Patrick´s Day

We really had a great time singing, dancing and celebrating St. Patrick´s at Celia Viñas Gym last 21 March. It was an amusing experience and we had the visit of our Delegate of Education, Ms. Francisca L. Fernández and Canal Sur Television which recorded the Irish dancing that our students made.

It was a great opportunity to know about Irish culture in a funny environment where our students participated in a Quiz Contest

And the winner was…. 1ºC, although all the contestants did a great job.

We also sang the traditional Irish song “I´m a little Leprechaun”  and dance.

1 B

1 A

1 C

We want to thank all the teachers who collaborate with us preparing the dancing and taking photos of the event.

We will celebrate it again, next course!!!

St Patrick´s day in Chicago and …Celia Viñas Secondary school

Today, St. Patrick´s Day (the patron of Ireland) is celebrated all over the world and one of the most famous event is in Chicago where they change its river into bright beautiful green (a little leprechaun magic) . They have been dyeing its Chicago river green for more than fifty years.

Last year we started celebrating St. Patrick´s Day and we are going to continue this tradition. Next Wednesday, we will have an Irish party with a Quiz Contest, Songs and Irish dancing.

So, celebrate St Patrick´s day with us in our gym next 21st March.

We will have fun!!!


Happy St Patrick’s Day

1 ESO students are going to celebrate St Patrick´s (the patron of Ireland) from 19th to 23rd March . This is a national holiday in Ireland and it is celebrated in this country and in many places all over the world because the Irish people emigrated to many different places (especially the USA and Canada) to escape from the Potato Famine (your History teacher is going to tell you about it). Ireland is famous because of its traditions, customs and people. They are very friendly people and they love music and dancing as much as we do (You will sing “ I’m a little Leprechaun” with your Music teacher and your Physical Education teacher is going to teach you how to perform the traditional Irish dancing). We are also going to learn about Irish culture and sport in the English classes and we will watch a video to visit the most interesting places in Ireland.


Here you have a video to practise Irish dancing …


… and a poster to make Irish Top Hats.

So, enjoy an Irish week at Celia Viñas Bilingual Secondary School.