A sky full of stars

Carl Sagan said  “we are made of star stuff” and that is the reason why  our students have chosen this symbol to fill our school with colour and imagination.

Nowadays, we need fresh air more than ever and our sky is full of stars to bring us a healthier world.  This constellation represents all our students’ wishes and feelings about a better  future.

We want to thank the Arts teacher Leticia and all her students to have made up an amazing work of art which illuminates our stairwell and helps us to face our daily routine in the best spirit.

Christmas 2020

We are getting closer to the end of the year and it’s time to check some basic words you will listen soon. Use these Quizlet cards to learn and practise with them.

Christmas Vocabulary (Basic)

Here you can download  lots of activities related to this festivity

Christmas activities

How much do you know about Christmas? Try this quiz

 Are you hungry? These recipes taste great.

And, to start creating the perfect background, we will finish this blog entry with a classic song at this time of the year.


International day against gender violence

On 25th November, there are campaigns all over the world to raise awareness about one of the biggest problems we suffer nowadays: Gender Violence. One of the different activities that were done during this day (as part of the  Equality Plan ) was a presentation and a following discussion by some students of the IB programme (Bachillerato Internacional) to groups of the bilingual programme.

You can watch it here (click on the video) and you will also find some photos of one of the presentations . We want to thank the students of this IB programme for their effort and we hope we will go on sharing activities in the future.

26th September: The European Day of the Languages

Every September, the European day of the Languages is celebrated to invite people from all over Europe to realize about our linguistic diversity and the importance of languages and cultures in our world.

This video is a multilanguage version of one of the most famous Disney’s films: Frozen and its song “Let it go”.

We hope you will enjoy it to welcome this new course.


¡Gracias! (Umber’s diary)


Hello everyone I hope you are all well! I wanted to say thank you to all of the students and teachers at Celia Viñas for making me feel welcome in Almería and making my experience in Spain a positive one. I really enjoyed being a language assistant and helping you all with English. I hope that I can visit Almería again one day!

Hola a todos espero que estéis bien! Quería dar las gracias a todos los alumnos y profesores en Celia Viñas por hacerme sentir acogida y hacer que mi experiencia en España fuera positiva.Disfruté mucho siendo asistente de idiomas y ayudándolos a todos con el inglés. ¡Espero poder visitar Almería de nuevo algún día!

ENGLISH: Tareas del 25 al 29 de Mayo (3 ESO B, 1º Bach B y C)

3º ESO B

Tareas de la 28 a la 32 en el Aula Virtual

Preguntas de comprensión del texto “Schools in Scotland and Spain” en el blog del programa bilingüe (BREAK)

Actividades de repaso de “Past Simple and Continuous”

Construir una historia a través de un juego de la página web del British Council

Listening: “Because I don´t care”

Se recuerda que el alumnado que tenga la segunda evaluación suspensa deberá hacer el cuadernillo de actividades  con explicaciones en castellano que aparece en el archivo adjunto. Cualquier duda, consultar al profesor. Debe entregarse antes del 29 de Mayo mandándolo a través de este aula virtual o por correo electrónico.

1º Bach

Tareas de  la 30 a la 35 del Aula Virtual

Comprensión del video “Is your digital footprint dangerous?”

Actividades gramáticales de “Modal Verbs” y “Relative Clauses”

Dos pruebas de PEvAU (a realizar una esta semana y otra la próxima)

Listening: Waiting for a sunny place

Se recuerda al alumnado con dos evaluaciones suspensas: deberán realizar un trabajo (Project), propuesto por el profesorado, donde se deberá  incluir la utilización de variedad de tiempos verbales, vocabulario ajustado al tema y un número de palabras indicadas(detalles en el Aula Virtual) .Después de la entrega de dicho trabajo, el profesor tendrá una entrevista por videoconferencia con el alumnado específico para hacerle preguntas sobre el trabajo presentado.

El alumnado con solo una evaluación entregará las fichas de actividades subidas en el aula virtual.

Ramadam (Umber’s diary)

Todays topic is the special holy month for Muslims called Ramadan. Muslims all over the world fast for 30 days.

So what is fasting?

When a person fasts in Ramadan they don’t eat any food or drink (including water) from sunrise to sunset. Muslims fast for a number of reasons and some of these include: to become closer to God, reflect on their actions and to remember less fortunate people who don’t have food/water. Ramadan is a month of self improvement and discipline. Fasting also has a number of health benefits as it detoxes the body from harmful toxins. It gives your digestive system a break from eating too much food. Only people who are physically fit and capable are allowed to fast. For example children, people that need medicine daily and pregnant women do not have to fast. If a person is sick they do not have to fast.

A picture of Central Mosque in Glasgow. The biggest mosque.

Charity and helping others is a big part of Ramadan. Muslims are encouraged to donate money to people who are less fortunate and do not have enough food and water. Muslims are also encouraged to help people around them such as their family, friends, neighbours and people in the community.

What is Eid?

Eid is the celebration after the 30 days of fasting. There is an Eid prayer in the morning at the mosque and a special breakfast is eaten. On Eid people dress up in new clothes and we also celebrate by eating good food and enjoying food after fasting for 30 days. Presents and money are given to children and adults. It is a fun and exciting day spent with family and friends. In Glasgow we usually have some Eid events during the week such as markets, games and outdoor activities for families.

A different Ramadan

This year Ramadan has been very different for me and many people worldwide because of the Coronavirus. There are many things Muslims have not been able to do such as going to the mosque for Taraweeh (night prayers), having Iftar parties (Iftar is when we open the fast to eat!) and spending Ramadan with family and friends. As a result we will not be able to spend Eid together which is sad but for the best as staying home and being safe is very important during this time. I think I will be having a virtual Eid party with all of my family on Zoom! Eid 2020 will be on Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th May this year.

Eid Mubarak/Happy Eid to you all when it comes!


  1. Have you ever tried fasting? Do you think it would be difficult to fast?
  2. What other religious holidays or practices can you think of from Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any other religion?
  3. Write down the meanings of the words in bold.
  4. Summarize some of the main points of fasting.