End of term activity : Ancient Greece and Rome

The end of the term has come and we have just celebrated it with an Ancient Culture Party. Our 1 ESO students have had two days to find out the features of Ancient Greece and Rome participating in different activities . We started sharing some information on our big board which was very useful for the cultural contest which was won by 1 ESO B team.

On Thursday, students learn how to make the Greek and Roman costumes and ornaments  they were going to wear on Friday. On Friday morning, students watched “Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters” and after the film they played Seikilos Epitaph.


Ancient Greece and Rome 2019

We will finish our bilingual course with different activities to know Greek and Roman culture in ancient times. On 21st June, we will watch a film about Mythology and Teenagers  (Percy Jackson), a costume and ornaments workshop,  a classic parade,a cultural contest and olympic games.  If you want to start , let’s watch some videos.

We will work with all these topics in class and we will discover the amazing history of these ancient civilizations.

Erasmus Programme (May 2019)

We have just received the visit of 15 students and their teachers from Latvia, Slovakia and Poland who have participated with 15 students from our school  in an interchange programme called Erasmus . During two years, these students have had the chance to know different places, cultures and people in Europe  in  a project which uses the learning of Maths through Sports.

The activities in Spain were focused on Disability and Sports (Gymkhana, Sitting Volleyball, Students´ Exhitions and Presentations,etc.) . The foreign students have been hosted by Spanish families and they have visited our city, Granada and our Natural Park.  We are really glad to have been participants in this European programme and we hope we will share an experience like this soon.


Pick English up with films

Remember, one of the best ways to enjoy  learning a new language is watching films. Why don´t you start watching one of your favourite films again, but …in English?. Harry Potter, The Beauty and the Beast, Avengers, Matilda, The Lord of the Rings,etc.

Let´s try!

All content from The Lord of the Rings is property of New Line Cinema and is not intended for commercial use.

Middle Ages

From the 8th to 12th April , Celia Viñas bilingual  school turned into a medieval court where our 2ESO students experienced how life was in Middle Ages. They attended to different workshops (Calligraphy organized by the Latin Department, Alchemy by the Chemistry Department, Soap and Candle Making by the Natural Science Department and the History of Information from medieval copists to 3-D printing made by the Computer Department) and two exhibitions (stained glass and sheet music) by the Arts and Music Departments. On the 12th, there were films, medieval games and a homage ceremony(organized by the Physical Education, History and English Departments) .

We really enjoyed all the performances and had a great time thanks to the collaboration among students and teachers.



Travel to York (March2019)

From  17th to  24 April ,a group of  35 ESO students stayed in York to attend classes and visit some of the most beautiful places in England. They lived with English host families to learn about their culture and practise their language. They also had time to visit York Minster, Liverpool and Scarbrough.

A great experience we would like to have again in the future.

“Derailed” : a theatre play in English

Last January ,our 1 ESO students went to Maestro Padilla Theatre to see a funny play in English called “Derailed” by Face to Face company. This comedy was inspired by a mystery novel by Agatha Christie and tells the story of a detective who must find out a thief among some eccentric passengers.

We had a great time watching our own students performing on stage and singing some of the songs in this play. We are convinced that theatre is a great resource to learn languages and we will repeat the experience.



Historical Heritage Gymkhana


On 15th February, we could see about 90 students running upwards and downwards our stairs tracking for clues.

What was it going on? Yes, you got it.

They were participating in our Historical Heritage Tour. This was a gymkhana organized by the Bilingual programme to make our students learn about  places, curiosities and facts at Celia Viñas High School.


2 ESO students, divided in groups of 6, rushed and sprinted for 3 hours to be the first participants to answer all the questions on time. They went through corridors,the well courtyard,the library, the assembly hall, the laboratories,the chapel,etc like characters in Hogwarts to reach the precious treasures.


A historical tour to know about the amazing place where we learn, work and live everyday. All the teachers in the bilingual programme participated and we also had the great help of Ana Ortiz Torres and other students  who are doing their teaching internships in our school.

Thanks to all of them and the 2 ESO students who took part in this activity!!!

Ps.- A final task for our gymkhana: our poster is a version of a very famous poster which illustrated a record and a film of the most important British Band. Who are they? Which is the title of this record?.

Christmas Cards Exhibition

As every year, students of 1st and 2nd o f ESO participated in our traditional Christmas cards exhibition. Most of them worked really hard and made beautiful cards!!