23rd April :World Books Day

On 26th April , we went to the theatre to see “The last crazy adventure”

Even though, we enjoy reading all the year round, we love celebrating this event preparing some activities for the World Books Day. Some of our ESO and Sixth Form students have prepared Book trailers using the Flipgrid app, other students have written and presented one chapter of their fictional biographies (designing their own covers) , others have done dramatised reading in class. and finally, we saw a theatre play at Maestro Padilla Auditorium.

Obviously, this is just one day and we want to keep on having fun with books every single moment so you will be informed of more activities through the course soon. Now, you can enjoy with some examples of 1 ESO B (book trailers : Juan Padilla, Ana del Águila del Campo, and Nazaret Díaz López ) and 3º ESO A (dramatised reading):

3 ESO A students were encouraged to carry out a piece of dramatised reading in class to bear in mind how important books are in our life. Although it is not as easy as we may think, they tried hard and discovered that reading aloud might be something interesting to enjoy.

21st March: International Day of Poetry

Last Monday 21st March,students from 1°ESO A carried out a poetry workshop to celebrate the International Day of Poetry. Eveyone could write his or her poem in an easy and creative way, just following some sort of ‘ poem recipes’! The results can be read in the High School corridor,  next to the group’s classroom.
‘Poetry,the extraordinary perception of the ordinary ‘.

Presentations about Canada (1º ESO C)

Students in this group have spoken in class about different aspects of life in Canada : food,sport,etc. Their presentations have illustrated their talks and they have enjoyed as much as learnt about Nick’s (our language assistant) birthplace .

Recycling is …cool

They also wanted to make our school community aware at all times that by protecting
our environment,we save our planet and our lives.
By doing this task they have FELT HAPPY AND have always been  ENCOURAGED  FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

Nature Journaling

Our last activity collaborating with Aldea project was a Nature Journaling workshop with 1 ESO students. The main purpose of this project was to enjoy observing nature and use a diary to illustrate with words and images all their observations. These students are going to create a Nature Journal in English after visiting the Botanical Garden in Rodalquilar.

International Women’s Day 2022

One of activities celebrated last Women’s Day in our bilingual school was ” Talks on the bench”, where 1 IB students spoke about different topics related to this day: equality, discrimination,inclusive language, different perspectives about gender roles, etc.

Humour and Colour: Idioms Exhibition

You can watch an exhibition with cartoons which represent authentic idiomatic expressions used in different areas of our bilingual programme. These expressions can be very useful in real-life education and we encourage you to visit it and learn while you pass by the corridor. Enjoy it!.

IB Discussions on the roof

1º International Baccalaurate students discussed about the role of celebrities as role models for teenagers and the advantages and disadvantages of being famous. They chose a stunning background for this debate : the roof of our building. We enjoyed the activity and we hope we will have more chances to enjoy these discussions outdoors.

Art against Violence (International Day of Peace)

Most of you have enjoyed the exhibition which has been displayed in the corridor with the posters made by 1º ,2º and 3º ESO students in their Art classes.  We want to show just a few examples to compliment all the students on their great works to visualize the importance of measures to avoid wars and violence to solve problems all over the world.