1ST C became   children of Prehistory and made  amazing prehistory tools and pottery.



Our 1st C students  visited the archeaological museum. They   learnt about Paleolithic, Neolithic and Metal ages thanks to a guided visit. They also participated in a  Prehistory painting workshop.

Pick English up with films

Remember, one of the best ways to enjoy  learning a new language is watching films. Why don´t you start watching one of your favourite films again, but …in English?. Harry Potter, The Beauty and the Beast, Avengers, Matilda, The Lord of the Rings,etc.

Let´s try!

All content from The Lord of the Rings is property of New Line Cinema and is not intended for commercial use.

Travel to York (March2019)

From  17th to  24 April ,a group of  35 ESO students stayed in York to attend classes and visit some of the most beautiful places in England. They lived with English host families to learn about their culture and practise their language. They also had time to visit York Minster, Liverpool and Scarbrough.

A great experience we would like to have again in the future.