End of term activity : Ancient Greece and Rome

The end of the term has come and we have just celebrated it with an Ancient Culture Party. Our 1 ESO students have had two days to find out the features of Ancient Greece and Rome participating in different activities . We started sharing some information on our big board which was very useful for the cultural contest which was won by 1 ESO B team.

On Thursday, students learn how to make the Greek and Roman costumes and ornaments  they were going to wear on Friday. On Friday morning, students watched “Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters” and after the film they played Seikilos Epitaph.


Ancient Greece and Rome 2019

We will finish our bilingual course with different activities to know Greek and Roman culture in ancient times. On 21st June, we will watch a film about Mythology and Teenagers  (Percy Jackson), a costume and ornaments workshop,  a classic parade,a cultural contest and olympic games.  If you want to start , let’s watch some videos.

We will work with all these topics in class and we will discover the amazing history of these ancient civilizations.



1ST C became   children of Prehistory and made  amazing prehistory tools and pottery.



Our 1st C students  visited the archeaological museum. They   learnt about Paleolithic, Neolithic and Metal ages thanks to a guided visit. They also participated in a  Prehistory painting workshop.