25th November “End Violence against Women Now” (International Baccalaureate)

These images were made by the students in the International Baccalaureate Programme ( 1st year) to condemn gender violence and its consequences. Solutions can be found if we join our forces to support this worldwide movement.

The IB students (2nd year) have also created leaflets with the same theme. You can see some examples exhibited on our board in the corridor.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women was created by the United Nations . This year, the campaign’s theme is  “Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now!” where they want to encourage all the countries in the world to create ” a brighter future free of violence against women and girls”.


We want to collaborate with the Equality Programme (Programa de Igualdad) in our high school and we will go on preparing activities related to this topic like Talks on the bench , an activity where we will create dialogues using the symbolic bench placed in our playground next to our well as the background for our stories.

25 November: Day against Gender Violence


Poster  made by one of our IB students

Next 25 November, a lot of activities will be held in Celia Viñas by the Equality Programme (Programa de Igualdad)  to raise awareness about the dramatic circumstances of those persons who have to suffer mistreatment, harassment and violence. Once more, the bilingual programme wants to collaborate on this day with different activities in their classes.

Some of our groups have prepared digital posters with images and messages related to this subject ,this will be the incentive to make our students talk about it and ,in the following months, they will also make up dialogues reproducing some situations using the red bench (a symbol against gender violence) placed in our school .

All these actions will help to show our refusal against any kind of violence.


Halloween is coming and we want to put a rhythm on it. Our 1º and 2º ESO students are practising different spooky songs with body percussion and the help of our assistant, Nick. If you want to practise as well, look at the links.

SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS BODY PERCUSSION:   https://youtu.be/gvC1um7evac

THE ADDAMS FAMILY:  https://youtu.be/tgbYZWfeVaM

GHOSTBUSTERS: https://youtu.be/AzBT8BkpfYY


DANZA MACABRA (SAINT- SAËNS): https://youtu.be/D6pW-Gv8e9U

ESTO ES HALLOWEEN: https://youtu.be/CM8JtXpNYrg


Spooky Halloween

Enjoy Halloween time making easy monsters with paper and glue. Visit this pinterest site  and choose one of the ideas to make your own thrilling creature. You can bring it to class during this week (25th- 29th October) and we will decorate our classrooms with all of them. It will be the best background where your teachers will tell you about the story of Halloween.

(click on the link )


1 ESO students are also rehearsing and playing some Halloween songs in their classes of Music during all this week. The perfect soundtrack for this scary week.

If you want to try some online activities, visit the British Council site where you can find some amazing games to practise English and learn more about this tradition.

(click on the link )


Have fun!

Some photos

Musical Instruments (1º ESO)

You can have a look at some of the creations of 1º ESO students.They are beautiful objects  and their sounds are great. They have really enjoyed the experience and they will go on creating new ones during this Summer.

Enjoy your free time !