Musical Instruments (1º ESO)

You can have a look at some of the creations of 1º ESO students.They are beautiful objects  and their sounds are great. They have really enjoyed the experience and they will go on creating new ones during this Summer.

Enjoy your free time !

Greece and Rome (1º ESO)

Stunning works about these ancient cultures  made by 1º ESO students

And we celebrated a contest about Greece and you can see the winners in the following images(Francisco (1° B), Alejandro (1°A), María (1° C).):


Australia 3 (4º ESO)

Our board is growing with content and images from this incredible country in Oceania , one of the largest in the world (the sixth one), fact that we can see with the comparison between the maps of Australia and Europe that our students have overlapped to show it in an effective visual way (as we can see in the last photo). Well done!!!.

Covid Messages

We want to thank 4º ESO students for all the messages they have made to prevent COVID . These posters find the balance between  clear information and appealing design with illustrative  images which are spread around  our school. Congratulations!


World Book Day 2021

Next 23rd April, World Book Day will be celebrated in different parts of the world. This date reminds us of the day two great authors , Shakespeare and Cervantes, died  and  calls our attention towards the importance of books in our learning and development.

We have prepared some activities to celebrate this day during this week and the following one like making bookmarks, literature contests, speaking about our favourite titles and … reading (which is always a pleasure).

“Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.” James Russell.

A Kahoot about English Literature:

Have fun!

Australia 2

If you want to know about Australia, our language assistant Holly Fairweather has made a short summary of relevant facts and stories about it. To read it, just click on the following link


Our students also keep on working about different topics related to Australia. Here you can find some of the posters made by our 2º ESO students.


Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

You can start  enjoying the exhibition about these Ancient cultures in our corridor next to the main door.

1º ESO students will do different activities like the Kahoot competition which was held recently. The winners were Marwan (1ºESO A),Juan and Jorge (1º ESO B) and  David (1º ESO C).