At the end of the first term, 1º ESO students performed different Christmas songs. They could choose the songs (they must be in English) and the classmates who they wanted to sing with. It was an enjoyable experience.

Learning to draw the line segment bisector and the angle bisector

Our 1st grade students are learning how to use the compass and the ruler to draw a line segment bisector and the angle’s bisector.

Once they have learned how to do it, they practice by building and designing fans!

Here you have some links with animations to remember the steps you must follow to draw these technical drawing constructions:

Perpendicular bisector of a line segment

Bisecting an angle

Here are also some examples of the drawing teacher’s blackboard to explain the fan design exercise:

Later, we will upload here some of the best designs of the students.

25th November: International Day against Gender Violence

During all this week, our students will participate in some activities, organized by the Coeducation Department , which focus on one of the most terrible violations against human rights : violence against women.  It is a worldwide problem which we must fight to eliminate as soon as possible and to become aware of this cruel situation, we have prepared for our students in the classes of English some files with information and stories which exemplify this matter. We will also watch some videos made by the United Nations which will also motivate students to talk and discuss about this subject, trying to find possible solutions.

Here , you can have a look at those files we are going to work with and some of the videos we are going to watch. We will finish these activities listening to a song by Sara Bareilles which tells us the story of a girl in this situation.