Comic Relief: A Red Nose Day in March 2021

Our students are creating their own charities in class and to have a clear reference they have had a good example: the British charity, Comic Relief.

Two famous historical characters invite you to participate in this current edition ….

If you want to see activities and challenges in past editions, click on this link


17th March : St Patrick’s Day

This year, it is impossible to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day  as we used to do it, singing and dancing ( like Irish people do ) but we don’t want to forget this important day for those who admire and respect Irish culture.

If you want to know something about this day, you can have  a look at three  presentations (one of them made by Ashley,our American language assistant in  2017-2018 course).

And finally, we can listen to a song by the most famous Irish Band, U2.



Our students have made a huge poster to show information about this festivity

8 March 2021

We will discuss this topic in our classes of English and we will watch some TED- ed videos two videos about the history of women’s rights and seven videos about scientists, artists,politicians,etc. to introduce the role of women in different societies and cultures. At the end, we will read a short comic which illustrates the birth of this celebration.

If you want to watch these videos and read the comic you can do it here, in your blog.

History of Women’s Rights

Some short biographies of explorers, scientists, politicians, writers, painters,social activists,etc


Taking advantage of all the information we are getting from our language assistant, Holly Fairweather, 2º and 4º ESO students are making a big panel about nature, society and culture in this amazing country which is so far from us but it’s getting closer thanks to our students and Holly.

1º ESO Geography: Landscapes in extreme and temperate climates

1º ESO students have made up an exhibition about a variety of projects showing  the different climates and its specific landscapes. You can have a look at all these wonderful works on the board next to the Geography and History department.

Don’t lose the opportunity to learn and enjoy these visual projects!

A sky full of stars

Carl Sagan said  “we are made of star stuff” and that is the reason why  our students have chosen this symbol to fill our school with colour and imagination.

Nowadays, we need fresh air more than ever and our sky is full of stars to bring us a healthier world.  This constellation represents all our students’ wishes and feelings about a better  future.

We want to thank the Arts teacher Leticia and all her students to have made up an amazing work of art which illuminates our stairwell and helps us to face our daily routine in the best spirit.

Christmas 2020

We are getting closer to the end of the year and it’s time to check some basic words you will listen soon. Use these Quizlet cards to learn and practise with them.

Christmas Vocabulary (Basic)

Here you can download  lots of activities related to this festivity

Christmas activities

How much do you know about Christmas? Try this quiz

 Are you hungry? These recipes taste great.

And, to start creating the perfect background, we will finish this blog entry with a classic song at this time of the year.