Aldea Film Festival

Since the beginning of this course, Aldea Programme and the Biology department have developed lots of activities to promote recycling, eco-friendly products, environmental respect,etc.

Next Wednesday, shorts from different courses will be released in the Assembly Hall in the First Aldea Film Festival. All the films are related to the same theme: Nature and what we can do to preserve it. The Bilingual Programme has collaborated in this festival sending films in English from different classes .

We want to wish good luck to all the participants and we hope these films will help to raise awareness about this topic in all the community of Celia Viñas.

You can watch the Aldea Film Festival in this link

Canada Cultural Week: Last Activities

Today, we have almost finished with all the activities about Canada and we wish our students have had a good time while learning about this incredible country. Last week, all 1º ESO students sang “Land of the Silver Birch” and danced traditional folk music to celebrate this cultural week as we can see in these images and we want to thank Belén, the music teacher, and Adolfo, the physical education teacher, and their students for their great effort.

All the classes in the Bilingual Programme have participated in Kahoot contests and have seen short films about Canada. Presentations about History and Geography of Canada have also been done in 2º ESO classes .

And lots of groups have visited our exhibition and have taken photos in front of our Canadian Board and Totem Poles with their teachers, like 3º ESO A and their teacher Mª Jose …

… 1º ESO C with their teacher Mª del Mar…

and the groups 1º ESO A and 4ºESO with their teacher Amparo

Even though, we are reaching the end of the course and students have to focus on their exams and their last projects, we will go on watching some films set in Canada by the end of this course.

We hope we will continue learning about this country because we are lucky to have our language assistant Nick with us next course.

Gymkhana on the beach

1 IB students have prepared different tasks in English about Nature and Culture for 1º ESO students in a wonderful setting: El Palmeral Beach. This gymkhana has been an amusing way to share experiences with students from different levels but with the same purpose: enjoy while learning.

After the activities, we had time to swim, eat and do some sports on the beach. This activity has been prepared by the teacher of English, Raúl with the help of the Biology, Physical Education,Arts and English Department and Aldea project.

We are so glad after this experience that we are convinced about preparing a new one.

Inuit Graphic Art

Some Inuit artists have developed an iconic style based on Nature. Our 1º ESO students with their Arts teacher have created patterns to decorate some of the most representative animals in Canada with the reference of those Inuit artists.

Totem Poles in Canada

Our 1º ESO A students with their teacher, Amparo, have created these totem poles remembering the indigeneous tradition in Canada. These poles were made in the Northwest coast in Canada before Europeans arrived there and they represented the family’s or nation’s history. After being forgotten for many years, Canadian people are proud of showing their ancestors’ culture with these amazing monumental poles similar to the ones that our students have created.

Canada Cultural Week

During the following week, our students and teachers are going to do some activities related to our language assistant’s country, Canada. We are glad to know he will work with us next course and we will have more opportunities to know this surprising country.

We hope everybody will enjoy these activities.

Why should we visit Canada?

Canada is a wonderful country. After a few sessions of preparation and a bit of rehearsal, 3º ESO A students were able to manage to highlight the most important features of this country. Eventually, they made a video to encourage all of us to visit it.

We want to thank Nick Mosley, who is the Canadian language assistant at school this course, for helping us.