A quick view of the works done in art classes in the first term

The first term is over and the second term is about to begin!

Our students worked a lot in art classes, and here is a small example of some of the best drawings they did. You can find them on the board of the drawing class, just at the right of the door. These drawings will be replaced by new ones that the students make.


Christmas celebrations

From 17th to 21st December we celebrated Christmas in our bilingual classes.  We had a christmas cards contest and the winners were:

1ºESO: Rosa Mª Palenzuela (B)and Paqui Santiago (C)

2ºESO: Carla Pérez (B) and Lluna Vallejo (C)

We also had a festival where our 1º ESO students danced ” All I want for Christmas is you” and our 2º ESO students played two Christmas stories (“The elves and the shoemaker” and “The first Christmas”. We finished that festival singing songs and carols. Our students had a great time and made a great effort preparing all these activities for two weeks.

Merry Christmas Mr Bean!

Help Mr Bean with his Christmas shopping and enjoy watching him cooking the biggest turkey you have ever seen. Christmas is fun and Mr Bean is the best way to laugh.

Christmas Choirs

Choirs of school children are very popular at Christmas. Let’s listen to “Emmanuel” sang by the choirs form Cheshire and the Wirral. They are amazing! Enjoy it!

Christmas Tales

Christmas is coming and our students are going to perform three famous Christmas tales. If you want to know the story, watch these videos.




Emotional Circumferences

Technical Drawing and Color Psychology

In art class our students have learned how to draw the line segment bisector and the angle bisector. They have used these tracings in a sheet to find the intersection of a line segment bisector and an angle bisector. Once they found this intersection, they used it as the center of circumferences.

After this, they have studied the color psychology, learning how to use colors to express different emotions.

They used the color psychology to color the circumferences and express how they felt. And here you have some examples of the final results:

Christmas 2018

December has just started and we are planning different activities to celebrate the end of this year. Have a look at this poster and find out some of the things that we are going to do.

And, here are some carols to start singing …