New activity for 2º ESO May 2020

Dear students of 2º ESO, here you have another activity you must do.

This time the activity  is proposed by the teacher Carolina, who came to class the last weeks before the suspension of the face-to-face classes to do her practices of the Master’s Degree in teaching of the University of Almeria.

To carry out the activity correctly, you must watch the 3 videos attached and take notes to be able to answer the questions asked in the document.

Remember that you have to send 3 things:
– Unedited photography
– Edited photograph
– Answers to the questions

You have until May 29 to deliver this homework.

We hope you like the exercise.


Kind regards,

Art teacher.

New activity for 1º ESO May 2020

Dear students, here you have another activity you must do.

This time the instructions are extensive because I want you to understand the steps to follow. Do not be overwhelmed by seeing so much text. Remember that I give you all the text both in english and spanish, so it seems more than it actually is.

You have a delivery date until May 29, so I recommend that you carry out the exercise little by litte. Do not leave everything until the last moment.

It is very important to READ THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT FIRST before starting work.

Click on the following link to see the activity instructions:


Kind regards,

Art teacher.


My proposal for “Draw what you see through your window” activity

Dear students, last monday I asked you to start a new activity called “Draw what you see through your window”. During the week I have been reciving some of your results. We will wait a little bit more to post here some of the best drawings, and the examples of famous artists who used the window in their paintings. I am sure they will surprise you!

For now, I would like to share with you my proposal for the activity. I hope you like it and that you enjoy drawing.

Missing you!

After more than one month without going to our classes, we really miss you all and we are looking forward to meeting you again. We haven’t lost contact through our blog, mail,”aula virtual”, etc. but we have realized that our daily experience with our students is, now , more relevant than ever.

We, teachers, just want to dedicate this song  to YOU.

Keep strong, we will be together soon!

Your teachers.

More works from our students (2º ESO)

Now it is the time to show some of the works from our students of second course. They are working on the creation of modules for a tessellation, inspired by M.C. Escher. They have start from an equilateral triangle, and using maths and their imagination, they have created this amazing modules.

These are the works of the students Alejandro, Laura M., Laura C., Martina and José Javier.

Some works from our students (1º ESO)

We stay at home but… we still working!

Evethough we can not go to high school to see each other and work together, we can still working from our homes. Here you have some of the examples that the students have been emailing about the compossition with polygons using colour schemes. Well done!

Works from Eva, Irene, Lucía, Miguel Ángel, Pilar, Will and Víctor who also added an explanation of what he has done.