14th February: A different Saint Valentine

This year, we want to focus on an unusual way of celebrating this festivity. Most of us relate this day to the expression of love to someone else but we usually find evidence of wrong behaviours in the name of love. That is the reason why we have planned some activities on this day which is celebrated worldwide.

First of all, with the help of the Department of Equality and its coordinator Leticia, our students are going to discuss about different english expressions which have become familiar through Internet (“ghosting, benching,stalking,etc) to know what they really mean and try to give advice to achieve a responsible affective life. They will also explain their meaning illustrating some of these words in posters which will be exhibited in the corridors.

Our colleague Amparo and the English Department have prepared an activity using the song “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus to encourage our students to learn to love themselves and to avoid the dependence we sometimes associate with this feeling.

And finally, we will go back to the classics reading some love poems (Sonnet 18 by Shakespeare,Roses are red” by Edmund Spence,etc)