Happy St Patrick’s Day

1 ESO students are going to celebrate St Patrick´s (the patron of Ireland) from 19th to 23rd March . This is a national holiday in Ireland and it is celebrated in this country and in many places all over the world because the Irish people emigrated to many different places (especially the USA and Canada) to escape from the Potato Famine (your History teacher is going to tell you about it). Ireland is famous because of its traditions, customs and people. They are very friendly people and they love music and dancing as much as we do (You will sing “ I’m a little Leprechaun” with your Music teacher and your Physical Education teacher is going to teach you how to perform the traditional Irish dancing). We are also going to learn about Irish culture and sport in the English classes and we will watch a video to visit the most interesting places in Ireland.


Here you have a video to practise Irish dancing …


… and a poster to make Irish Top Hats.

So, enjoy an Irish week at Celia Viñas Bilingual Secondary School.