Hotel Canterville

Last Tuesday 16th January, fifty students of our first bilingual course attended a play called “Hotel Canterville” which was performed by Face to Face Theatre Company. It was a funny and great experience where some students could act and the public participated actively as well.

Christmas Events

As you could read in our last post, we finished the year singing some of the most famous Christmas songs

But we also did a lot of other activities to celebrate the end of the year …. decorating our classes, the hall, the stairs …. with Christmas images and symbols…

Wishing the best for the new year

And we had a Christmas Cards Contest whose winners were

Alejandro Espinosa, Nicolle Veliz and Lucía Arenas


Not only the bilingual courses participated in these activities but also some other classes from different levels creating the best background to welcome the year 2018

                          Happy New Year!!!