International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 25 November

Our students made some posters in English to express their opinions against Gender Violence and these slogans and drawings were placed on the walls of our building to show all the people in the street our feeling about this terrible fact. This was one of the several activities which were held in our school last 25th November. We wish a brighter future without violence and these actions encourage us to get our goal.


Halloween 2017

1 ESO students decorated our school for Halloween and organized a Food Competition. It was the perfect combination of fun and culture where we learned about this ancient tradition which comes from Celtic times and goes on in our digital world. We made a presentation to show some highlights.

We hope you enjoy it.

Halloween 2017 Presentation



We listened to Danse Macabre, a piece of music of the French composer Camille Saint – Saëns. At the same time, students could watch a video about the composition with the characters and instruments that represent them. After that, they had to answer some questions and they were given the chance to take  part in a quiz.

And finally, watch this funny and spooky cartoon and answer the questions while you are watching it. Enjoy it!!!


Welcome to our blog where you  will find information about all the activities  we will be doing in our bilingual programme throughout the course . Most of them will be related to those subjects which are taught in English and Spanish (Social Science (Geography and History) and Music) but we will also show other interesting topics from other subjects. We hope you will enjoy them and we are looking forward to all your suggestions to make it a useful resource for you. We have just started and we really want to fly high ...      Do you want to join us?