Our trip to Prešov began on Saturday, October 20th. We flew from Almeria to Budapest, via Madrid. We were picked up and driven to Prešov in a van. We arrived at 2:40 p.m. The Deputy Director of the Center,Katarina Tuhrinova,  and the host families were waiting for us.

The students spent the following day with their host families doing different activities. Some gathered to climb the mountain and others went swimming in a heated pool.

The teachers were accompanied all day by our Slovak companion Katarína. We visited Bardejov Spa, a place known for its spas, used since the XV century. There we could also see an open-air museum of popular architecture with country houses and two wooden churches of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. We went back to Prešov to receive delegations from Daugvpils, Latvia, and from Zamość, Polonia.

The first activity we had on Monday, October 23, was a tour through the different dependencies of the škola Šmeralova of Prešov guided by the host teachers and students.  The Latvian teachers showed us some photos of the activities they did in their meeting in May in Daugvpils.

Next, the students of Latvia, Slovakia and Poland presented a power point in which they showed the sports and / or physical activities that each of them practice. Our students projected a video where you could see them doing physical activities or sports, talking about our city and its climate, explaining the physical activity they practice with the benefits provided to our health.

In the afternoon, in the gym, each country presented a game in which mathematics and physical activities were involved. Teachers and students took part in these games.

On Tuesday, the 23rd, we made a visit to the Belianska cave where you have to climb a steep slope during half an hour and, inside the cave, go up and / or go down 866 steps. We could contemplate rooms of a great beauty full of stalactites and stalagmites. After eating in a restaurant at the foot of the mountains with stunning views, we went on the catwalk among the trees located in the heart of the species-rich forests of the Bachled Valley. We were able to observe how unique is Spišská Magura within the Tatra National Park.

Finally, we went up circular stairs to a place of a height similar to 30 floors where we walked along a network through which we could see the ground.

On Wednesday the 24th, we visited Calvary Complex, a church on a hill on the outskirts of Prešov, from there you could enjoy stunning views of the city. In the afternoon, we were received by the Lieutenant-Mayor and the Delegate of Education, in the Town Hall.

The Slovak students presented to the authorities the activities carried out in the two previous meetings, in Zamość and Daugvpils, with some posters illustrated with photos.

As a farewell to this meeting we danced a traditional Belgian dance and then the students did activities in the Leonardo da Vinci museum. The day ended for the students playing in a bowling alley for a couple of hours, where they were picked up by their host parents. The teachers attended an official dinner at the bowling alley restaurant with some personalities of the Slovak Education delegation.

Thursday began with a visit to Košice, the second largest city in the country with 235 thousand inhabitants. There we visited a museum where we conducted related physics experiments with the refraction and reflection of light and air density. After that we enjoyed the typical Hungarian goulash and we did a guided tour where we could see the outside of the Cathedral of Saint Elizabeth, the chapel of Saint Michael, the entrance to the subways of the city (where in the Middle Age there were fortifications), the theater of the city and the musical fountain.

On Friday the 26th, it was the day chosen for sports practice, running and athletics in the gym (the Spanish team finished in second place in relay races). Later, we visited the Arena Games to practice a laser game. After lunch, at the Institute, the students from each country presented a multimedia application with the statistics obtained in their center about the sports practice of peers of their level and made posters showing the relationship between sport and health.

Next, the ceremony of awarding diplomas to the teaching staff and assistant students took place followed by a «bye bye party». The host families of the Slovak students prepared the food and typical desserts to share.  We were entertained with music to dance and with a zumba class, led by a student of the Polish school.

On Saturday 27, we travelled to Budapest. In the afternoon we had the chance of visiting the city. We could admire monuments, such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Parliament, the Chain Bridge, Buda Castle, Fishermen’s Bastion, St. Matthias Church and the Great Synagogue of Budapest.

The next day, Sunday, feeling quite sad because our stay in Prešov had come to an end, we took the flight back to Almería, where we arrived at 22:30 hours.

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