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Students from Poland, Slovakia and Latvia discover Almería

IES Celia Viñas has been host school in the Erasmus K2 project in which they have been collaborating for 2 years.
The last meeting with students and teachers of the Erasmus K2 project «Mathematics Education through Sport» took place in the high school Celia Viñas of Almería, five days carrying out all the activities and visits planned for the event.
On the first day the teachers and students of the three countries visited the school and watched a multimedia display on activities that can be done in the open air in each country, as well as the championship between the countries of “Like someone I know” and volleyball sitting
The second day was spent visiting the palaces and gardens of the Alhambra in Granada. After lunch, in Campo del Príncipe, we went around the centre of the city visiting Gran Via, the Cathedral, the Alcaicería, the Corral del Carbón, Bibarrambla square, Recogidas street ….
On the third day the traditional orientation gymkhana of the institute was held
with 1st of Bachillerato students, organized by the Physical Education Department, and with the participation of students from Latvia, Poland and Slovakia. In this gymkhana the students, divided into groups and wearing costumes, answered questions associated with our history and main monuments, and they also carried out different tasks as if they were disabled people in some places of our city. You could see our boys and girls looking for objects with their eyes covered in Plaza San Pedro , competing in a relay race with crutches in Plaza de la Constitución, shopping with their legs tied in the Central market where they had to calculate the cost of their shopping list without mobiles or calculators. They played sitting volleyball in Plaza Cazard , guessed the name of films using body language in Fuente de los Peces, shot basketballs on Celia Viñas school track from a wheelchair. In Almadrabillas in the columns which are a tribute to the deceased in the Nazi concentration camps there was another activity in which they had to draw using their mouths.
On the fouth day they went to Cala del Cuervo, in Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Reserve, in order to make a route from this cove to El Playazo of Rodalquilar, in kayak or snorkeling. After visiting Las Negras and tasting Almerian gastronomy there, they ended the day enjoying a swim in the beach of the Genoveses
To finish this week of activities, the students visited Mini Hollywood. Later, they returned to the school to celebrate a farewell party, with the participation of all the students, teachers and families from Almeria involved in this project. Students were awarded diplomas and prizes won in the different competitions held during the week.

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As it has been usual in the previous years, IES Celia Viñas carried out its traditional gymkhana, organized by the department of Physical Education and supported by practically all the departments and teachers of the school. This year they have counted with the participation of students and teachers from Poland, Latvia and Slovakia taking part in the Erasmus program. This activity is a timed contest involving speed race, skills, tests or games for teams of students for different points of interest in our city.
The Municipal Archive of Almeria «Adela Alcocer» allowed us to establish one of the test points of the gymkhana in their premises, as they also did last year.
This enabled our students to know the facilities of the archive that many of them ignored.
It should be pointed out the great cooperation of the staff of the Archive who actively participated in the tests.