One hundred and thirty students from IES Celia Viñas and IES Alhamilla went all over Almería, walking through its streets, passing tests and answering questions about its emblematic places and even its museums, in a treasure hunt organised by the Erasmus Inclusive and Interactive Cultural Heritage group and the Physical Education Department of IES Celia Viñas.

The students, in groups of 6 to 8 boys and girls, dressed up with different themes such as Toy Story, Sponge Bob, literary characters, Disney, etc., had to use an app called Actionbound with which, scanning a QR code, they followed a route in which they had to visit indoor spaces such as the Andalusian Centre of Photography, the Museum of Art Space 2,  Dña Pakita Museum,  Archaeological Museum,  Palace of the Marquises of Cabra, the Alcazaba (An Arabian Fortress) and outdoor spaces such as the Hoya Park, the Walk of Fame, the Town Council Square, the Fish Fountain, the Central Market, etc., answering questions. They also had to pass tests in which the students of the 2nd Baccalaureate have acted as monitors. Some of them were physical tests, others were about raising awareness of disabled people and others about general culture. To win, the group had to try to take as little time as possible, but also answer the questions well, do the tests well, take original photos at each location and wear the most original costume possible, as all of this counts for points.

This is an activity which, as well as being fun, gives pupils the chance to improve their teamwork, do physical exercise, learn how to find their way around and discover and acquire an interest in the most monumental and cultural places in our city.

If you download the Actionbound App and scan the QR code below, you will be able to follow the marked route.